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Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme

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Christian James Associates have a 100% pass record, taking Contractors through the process to obtain CHAS registration & accreditation. We can improve your chances of winning tenders & profitable contracts. Call CJA today. We guarantee a successful application or give you your money back!

CHAS Accreditation

What is CHAS and what does it mean to Contractors?

CHAS is a Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme that is operated by the London Borough of Merton Council which allows Local Authorities and other organisations to determine that your business meets the minimum standard required under the scheme.

The main purpose of the scheme is to avoid repeat applications by Suppliers and Contractors to become approved as Local Authority suppliers and to improve Health and Safety in small and medium-sized businesses. Whilst CHAS is a Local Authority and Government-backed Scheme, it can be used by any organisation looking to shortlist suppliers and contractors and can save money for all parties

Many Local Authorities and Organisations insist on their suppliers to be CHAS Accredited before they can award them any work.

What are the benefits of CHAS Accreditation?

  • Your business will become a member of a nationally recognised accreditation scheme;
  • Once you have CHAS registration or accreditation, this will reduce the time and effort spent duplicating submissions for pre-qualification health and safety questionnaires for Client organisations;
  • Demonstrating to Client organisations a level of compliance with Health and Safety law in terms of competence;
  • Providing further opportunities to secure new and larger commercial contracts;
  • Registered CHAS Clients organisations will have access to your business details creating further business opportunities;
  • Overcoming inconsistency in assessments with some contractors being assessed as compliant by an employer and not another;
  • Enabling them to be considered for contracts that they would previously not have been considered for;
  • Enabling the health and safety elements of Construction line applications to be complied with;

CHAS Registration Assessment - What does it Assess?

The CHAS questionnaire refers to fundamental health and safety management and compliance issues as they apply to the type of work your business undertakes. The areas to be assessed by a CHAS Scheme Assessor will require substantial supporting documented evidence to back up your application.

Main Areas of Assessment for Businesses of 5 or more employees

General Policy Statement
Organisation for Health & Safety
Fire and Emergency Procedures
Display Screen Equipment Assessments
Health Surveillance
Accident Reporting
Workplace and Inspections
Workplace Equipment
Health and Safety Training
Manual Handling of Loads

Fire Risk Assessments
Consultation Arrangements
First Aid
Risk Assessment
Electrical Safety
Contractor Management
Monitor, Audit, and Review

CJA has a 100% pass rate with our clients and we're not about to let our statistics slip. In the unlikely event that we do, we guarantee your money back!

Full details of CHAS Assessment Standards can be found on the following web link: CHAS Assessment Standards document

Our CHAS Application Service Includes

Our Promise

  • We will complete your CHAS Application Form, and collate supporting documentation

  • Update any of your existing health & Safety documentation at no extra cost

  • Provide you with documentation to become CHAS Registered

  • We'll be your Competent Person Advisor at no extra cost

  • Any extra work that's required from your CHAS Scheme Assessor will be covered in the original price

  • Full support with your CHAS Assessment

  • CHAS Application processed for an affordable fee

How Much Does a CHAS Application Cost?

Prices vary depending on the amount of Health and Safety documentation already available and the geographical location of the business to the North East of England.

For more information and a genuinely competitive quote contact CJA for an informal chat.