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Fire Risk Assessment Services In Cleadon

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Are you complying with the Fire Safety Order 2005?

To comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 it is a legal requirement to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment. Building Owners, Directors, and Managing Agents could face imprisonment and/or personal prosecutions as a consequence of non-compliance. You are also at risk of invalidating your insurance cover.

Fire Risk Assessment Service

Fire Safety Assessment

Christian James Associates are very experienced in conducting Fire Risk Assessment in a wide range of premises including Clubs, Community Centres, Large Industrial and Commercial Complexes, Offices, Factories, Hospitals, Surgeries, Care Homes, Schools, Residential Developments and Shops.

Why you should undertake a Fire Risk Assessment:

The new Order does broadly follow the principles of previous Regulations; however, there is a significant increase in accountability as the Order firmly places responsibility for Fire Safety firmly at the door of a named Director, manager or building owner who likes the ‘Responsible Person’ takes full Corporate Liability.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into force in October 2006, placing greater emphasis on Fire Risk Assessment and management thereof within your organisation.

Fire Certificates are no longer valid and are no longer issued by the Fire Authority.

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Fire Risk Assessments

All Companies will need to undertake 'suitable and sufficient' Fire Risk Assessments.

If five or more people are employed, this risk assessment must be documented. Each individual company will be responsible for their own fire safety. The ‘Responsible Person’ must conduct a Fire Risk Assessment regardless of the size of the risk.

Local Fire Authority

The Local Fire Authority no longer automatically provide ‘advice’. They are the ‘enforcing’ Authority. Protection is explicitly extended to all occupants and not just employees. Visitors, Contractors or the General Public also have to be considered in the Risk Assessment.

Extended scope of consideration now to include property safety, firefighter safety and the environment around the site as well as just protecting life. This means that allowing a building to be sacrificed is unacceptable due to the risk to neighbouring buildings and firefighters. The responsible person would have a duty to protect the fire brigade.

Firefighters are to have greater authority to gain entry to premises and remove samples after a fire. It is worth being aware; your insurance may be invalid if you fail to comply with this legislation. Companies will also be required to appoint 'Competent Persons' who will be in charge of implementing the requirements.

Breaches of fire legislation can lead to prosecution, unlimited fines, and imprisonment.

Our Fire Risk Assessment Service

We have an experienced Safety Consultant, trained to conduct Fire Risk Assessments who will visit your business premises to review your routine, working practices, your written procedures, physical arrangements and will identify any shortfalls in meeting the requirements of the FSO,

The findings of the Site visit will be presented in a report which will clearly identify all your existing suitable and sufficient control already in place and any inadequate controls complete with the following:

  • A Schedule of recommended actions to address identified inadequacies and the relevant action priority;
  • A residual fire risk assessment rating as per the Site visit and a further rating once any shortfalls have been remedied.

To find out more information about our Fire Risk Assessment Service and a genuinely competitive quote contact CJA for an informal chat.